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Introducing our Strongheld Athletes


Jade Isbister

Current holder of the Northland Junior Female Powerlifting records for squat (125kg) bench (72.5kg) and deadlift (145kg)
Northland powerlifting champs 2018: Best female Junior Lifter
Northland bench press champs 2018: Best female Junior Lifter

Selected for NZ team to compete at the 2017 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships.
Bronze medal in the squat, Silver in the bench press, Bronze in the deadlift and Bronze overall at the 2017 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships.
Northland powerlifting champs 2017: Best female Junior Lifter
Northland bench press champs 2017: Best female Junior Lifter

Gold medal in the bench press for NZ at 2016 Asia / Oceania Powerlifting Championships
North Island Powerlifting Bench press champs 2016: Best female Junior Lifter
North Island Powerlifting Champs 2016: Best female Junior Lifter

I started powerlifitng in November 2015, after becoming frustrated with my lack of progress in the gym and the never ending struggle to be smaller, lesser and take up less space. After a long history of battling with a severe eating disorder that almost took my life, powerlifting gave me the power and confidence  to build my body up, fuel it adequately and appreciate it for the beauty and strength it lends me.

The shift turned from what my body looked like to what it is capable of doing and performing.

Ben Holmes


2nd Place Pro-rawx
1st Place GPC Auckland Champs
1st Place GPC Nationals

2nd Place GPC Nationals
3rd Place GPC Tri-nations push/pull

Awarded Mr Nabba NZ Title

I started bodybuilding in 2011 and won the mens novice class at my first comp, competed at the 2014 wff worlds in the gold coast and placed 7th and won the 2016 Mr Nabba NZ title. Started powerlifting in 2015 between bodybuilding comps and switched to powerlifting full time in 2017. Best results, 3rd place GPC u125 tri-nations push/pull 2017, 2nd place 2017 Gpc nationals, 2nd place pro-rawx u125, 1st place Gpc Auckland champs. Best lifts 340 squat 210 bench 347.5 deadlift.

Next Competition - GPC Auckland Push and Pull December


Stanley Cocker

3rd Arnold's Classic AU Amateur Strongman Competition
1st Auckland Powerlifting Championships
1st New Zealand National Championships - current New Zealand Total
(Stan currently holds the New Zealand Squat, Deadlift and Total for U120 IPF)
1st Auckland Strongman Series

1st Open u120 men’s Auckland champs
1st National Powerlifting Raw
2nd Auckland strongman series overall
2nd Asia/Oceania Championship Raw

"I would have never imaged becoming a powerlifter. It wasn’t until mid 2015 when my younger sister first introduced me to powerlifting. As every year goes by, achievements add up and goals get bigger, so does my love and thirst for the sport. It was also through powerlifting that I made social connections which introduced me to Strongman. For both sports, there are many factors that keep me going. It's seeing the hard training and physical strain you put your body through being acknowledged and rewarded, the hype of surprising yourself and those around you with improvements and success, but most of all the SPORTSMANSHIP in both Sports."

Next Competition - Oceania Powerlifting Championships, Singapore.

Jas Baker

"Getting into powerlifting quite possibly has been the best decision I've made. I have only been in the gym and weightlifting for a 1 year, where I started off "bodybuilding". 6 months down the track I knew that bodybuilding just wasn't quite for me, as I got a way better hype from lifting heavy and being strong, so I did what I thought was best and switched over to Powerlifting. When I stepped on the platform for the first time I knew this was the sport for me and proceeded to fall in love with it even more. I am super grateful for the support I have from family and friends and to now be a strongheldnz sponsored athlete. I feel truly honoured to be apart of the strongheld family. Next Competition: Canterbury 3 Lift and Bench Champs (Equipped/RAW)"

Squat: 120kg
Bench: 67.5kg
Deadlift: 127.5kg
Total: 315kg

Next Competition - Canterbury Powerlifting Championship

Siuea Cocker 

"My lifting journey started 2 1/2 years ago where I developed a better understanding and value for female involvement in strength sports that I am now most passionate about. It has been a rewarding journey given the opportunity to travel to places I have never been, competing at provincial/international levels for both Power-lifting and Strongman competitions. This year I transitioned to Cross-fit for a change and challenge to discover my inner ability and limits in a different setting. I consider myself lucky therefore opportunities like this don't come very often. I truly believe that hard work beats talent and that the best project you’ll ever work on is yourself. Opportunities bring blessings and I have been blessed tremendously now a member and Strongheldnz sponsored athlete." 

4th Arnold Classic Strongwoman Competition Open U82
2nd Functional Crossfit Strength Olympic/Powerlift Championships Overall Open female
1st Auckland Strongman Series Overall 2017
11th NZ Crossfit Nationals Individuals Open female (Scaled)

8th Worlds Classic Raw Powerlifting Championships JrU72
1st New Zealand Raw Powerlifting Championships JrU84
3rd Asia/Oceania Raw Powerlifting Championships JrU84
2nd Auckland Strongman Series Overall 2016

1st Auckland Powerlifting Championships JrU84