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Our Story

Strongheld started out as a collaboration between Beast Genetics and a keen, relatively amateur, powerlifter named Matt (that’s me).
Powerlifting is something that I have become intensely involved in, having been inspired by strength, as well as the community and the emotional support that comes with the sport. Like most passionate people, there has been ups and downs that have lead me to where I am and have built the man you see today.
I could go on about Strongheld’s goals, our vision, our mission statement and all that mumbo-jumbo but that’s not how I roll. I do light hearted, easy going, ‘number 8 wire’, can’t get it done I’ll do it myself, typical kiwi bloke thinking. It’s our mission to give back to the community that has given so much, with the best Beast equipment possible, at straight up prices.
No more overseas shipping bullshit. Let’s do this kiwi style.

‘..with the will to conquer.’
Everyone has a story.

I also do puns.

#thewilltoconquer #strongheldnz